We are a multi-disciplinary engineering services consultancy, sharing intellectual engineering expertise and supporting the successful implementation of satellite technologies

Established in the UK since 1995 and Ireland since 2002, the capabilities, delivery and overall performance of our engineering expertise is highly regarded in the domain of PAQA, EMC, System Engineering and AIT for Science, Telecoms, Navigation, Earth Observation, Launchers & the International Space Station missions. Covering the complete lifecycle from feasibility to development, manufacture through to launch site, support is delivered through a flexible managed service, permanent employment or interim consulting contracts.

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Product Assurance has both a preventative and a corrective role in terms of quality control for technology based projects. Combining our 20+ years experience of delivering engineering services across the domain of PAQA processes, we are deeply familiar with the standards necessary to ensure a product conforms to established engineering requirements.

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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ensures the compatibility of a system to operate in a specific environment that is subject to interferences caused from many sources and units operating within that same system. Avoiding fatal consequences caused due to system incompatibilities is where our EMC support can play a vital role.

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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering demands our ability to step back in order to be able to consider the system and lifecycle as a whole, ensuring it achieves its original objectives. Increasingly, the complexities of space satellite programmes today demand that we have an in-depth understanding of the multiple methodologies and objectives; what orbit, what power source, what instruments, what mass. At mcg, our expertise is drawn from various disciplines, all of which work in parallel with the core engineering team to access and simulate the technical and financial feasibility of a mission.

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AIT and Test Support

Satellites' Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) require numerous engineers to review space systems architecture, electricity/electronics, real-time systems, radio frequency, optical engineering, mechanical engineering and thermal engineering. Our engineering expertise is highly regarded within AIT circles.

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